About JUU

“Art is a long war that against something ingrained. Persistence is more important than a flash of inspiration or making rigorous idea. As persevere on every little step, the scenery will wait for you on the hilltop.”


JUU_( Hong Kong_ 1992)

JUU working in his studio


JUU born in Hong Kong in 1992, he focuses on painting, striving to get rid of the painting that dominated by 『color and plane』, and pursuing the expression of 『 line and texture』. He believed these two elements were the roots of eastern aesthetics and both are missing in modernism which emphasis on rational geometry. His study of traditional Chinese calligraphy’s structures and strokes has brought him rich vocabulary of plastic art. For him, there is no distinction between “points, lines, and planes” in calligraphy strokes. There are only direction and energy, and they can be used to brings out the spiritual state of things. JUU tried to apply this technique to painting, starting with the simplest strokes and trying to paint animal and plant, such as a curly cat, a sleeping puppy, or a graceful bonsai etc… Because the postures of animals are changeable and the shapes of plants are already being linear form, it’s very suitable for expressing with lines. “Calmness” is the key word of his paintings in the past two years, which represents the change in mentality of the epidemic in the past few years. The extended and expanded lines on the painting also bring out this spiritual expression. There are no strong color in his paintings. He only pursues simple and comfort form and texture.